Bar Rentals

Host a unique VR event in your bar with the HTC Vive. Rental package includes all equipment, setup, delivery, and a technician for the duration of the event.

Event Rates

# of Hours Rate
1.5 $350*
3 $450*
6 $600*
All Day $800*
Have a longer event? Email Us

*Rate Includes Equipment and Technician

Bar Events

There aren’t many places to try out VR equipment, even in NYC, so hosting an event has potential to draw in customers during the week or in the afternoons when it might otherwise be slow.

Event Package Details

The Event Package includes the complete HTC Vive Rental Package with gaming PC and a technician for the duration of the event. The technician will help new users learn how to use the VR headset, help select the right games and apps, and to setup and take down the equipment to make this a hassle free rental. This package includes many games preloaded onto the system. Email us if you have a specific request or would like the full list of games and applications.


HTC Vive is a VR headset created by Valve and HTC designed to turn a room into 3D space allowing the user to walk and use motion tracked controllers to interact with and experience immersive environments.

The HTC Vive has many great features:

  • PRECISION TRACKING: 360° motion tracking
  • VISUAL IMMERSION: 110° field of view
  • REAL-WORLD AWARENESS: Real-world elements into the virtual world
  • SEAMLESS INTERACTION:Two handheld controllers with 24 sensors for accurate motion tracking.

Discover Vive today, and see for yourself.


How much space is required?
The minimum space is about 6′ x 6′. The VR setup can be done anywhere with access to electricity, including outside spaces, weather permitting.

How many people can use this at once?
Only one person can experience VR at one time, but a live feed of what the player is seeing can be displayed on a tv or projection screen for others to see. Part of the fun of VR is watching others experience VR for the first time. Check out some videos of first time reactions:

Who is responsible if the equipment is broken?
All of our equipment is insured by us, so you are not responsible for any of the equipment.

How long does it take to set up?
It takes about 25 minutes to set up the equipment.

What is included in the cost?
This package includes the VR equipment, controllers, computer, and games, as well as a technician to help new users.