Windows Mixed Reality and Gaming PC Rental Package

Includes: VR Headset, Gaming PC, Controllers, Headphones, Many Games

Samsung HMD Odyssey Package Details

Samsung HMD Odyssey is a room-scale VR headset designed to turn a room into 3D space allowing the user to escape into a world of imagination and experience immersive environments.

The Samsung HMD Odyssey has many great features:

  • Premium built-in AKG headphones won’t shake loose during gameplay. With rich 360-degree spatial sound, you can hear when someone’s sneaking up on you and detect clues about what’s around you.
  • The only mixed reality headset to Feature an integrated microphone array. Built directly into the headset, the array reduces noise so you can communicate clearly and interact with Cortana.
  • Imagine the Thrill of VR combined with a phenomenal sense of presence. With Windows mixed reality, you can escape to a world of immersive, exhilarating experiences.

Samsung HMD Odyssey Rental Rates

# of Days Day Rate
1 $144/day
3 $89/day ($267)
5 $72/day ($360)
7 $64.14/day ($449)

Samsung HMD Odyssey Package Contents

You’ll receive everything you need to experience VR!

  • VR headset
  • Gaming PC
  • Headphones
  • Game Controllers
  • Many Games