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We are proud to present monthly reviews of some exciting freebies available to you via Steam. Now you can wade slowly into the exciting world of Virtual Reality without wasting your money or your time. This month, we are excited to talk about building some trains, flying around space Ironman-style, and punching some space rocks. Of course, there were some games that left us scratching our heads and some that made us wish there was more development. If you have a free game or demo you would like us to check out, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Carpe Lucem: Seize the Light – Try it!
This is a charming puzzle game for the VR enthusiast who likes a good round of Candy Crush. The world here is bright and cartoonish with features like animals in the sky and exotic plants. The purpose of the game is to get light streams through the flowers by moving around pipes and mirrors. It’s an average puzzle enhanced by the 360 world of virtual reality.

Polydome – Wait for further development
Unsurprisingly this game involves polygons and a dome. The graphics of the dome are fine and the polygons are amusing, but it’s unclear what it all means. You create polygons using the controller’s trigger and they connect and make some sort of music. It is unclear how to control the music, change the music, or why we are in this dome in the first place. Hopefully, we’ll find out more as the game develops.

Tails – Try it
Have you ever heard of a game called Snake? Welcome to tails! Tails is virtual reality’s answer to Snake, where your hand is a dragon and you have to maneuver the dragon through space so that it doesn’t eat it’s tail. What makes this game cool, much like Carpe Lucem, is that the play area is all around you instead of regular, two dimensional Snake.

Irrational Exuberance – Download Immediately!
While I have NO IDEA what this game is going to be about, the demo is mesmerizing and addicting. You basically punch your way out of a space rock, and then those pieces of space rock turn into gems and the gems into smaller gems. The detail of the world that surrounds you is exquisite and if the full game is just smaller and smaller gems I would still play it.

HVR – Try it!
The title is a fun play on words (“Hover” and “VR”), but I like to call this one Jet Hands. Basically your hands are both thrusters and guns, and you fly around outer space (maybe Saturn?) and shoot enemy ships. The gameplay was fun and the movement was non intrusive. What I want is more time to just fly around while not being pelted by enemy fire, so I’m excited to see where this game goes.

Quarero – Time Detective – Wait for further development
The premise of this game is clever – you are a detective that can view a memory forwards and backwards and walk around a memory to solve a crime. After a few plays of the memory you get a feel for what happened, however, the actual “case” you are handed is not as thrilling as the concept. My patience didn’t really extend far enough to finish the game, but I’m excited to see this concept expanded on here in this game or in other games.

Locomancer – Try It!
Locomancer is a train building game and I’m so excited about it. At the moment, the controls take a lot of getting used to, but after some googling and trial and error, we were able to figure it out enough to start building. This is definitely a prototype but it has the potential to be the train set of your dreams. You can even drive the trains from inside the trains!

Limberjack – Try It, with hesitation
The world here is beautifully developed and I would love to just virtually camp on this beach instead of sawing limbs off a branch. This is a straightforward challenge game to see how fast you can saw limbs off a branch, and the most exciting part is typing in your name on a giant keyboard at the end. However, because of the detail of the environment, this game is worth it and could be something great in the future.

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